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Every day many of us head to work, and are subjected to sub-par coffee.  Virality Coffee is determined to change the status quo by bringing fresh, well-roasted specialty coffee to businesses, and enable employees to brew great cups of coffee themselves.  Everyone will also have the ability to buy coffee and equipment directly from and have it delivered.

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About Virality

Virality Coffee materialized from two key elements: enthusiasm for great coffee, and 3 decades of combined exposure to corporate breakrooms. Kate Garrison founded V.C. on a mission to raise the bar with office coffee. Our goal is to provide everything businesses need to consistently make delicious, hassle-free coffee at a fair price. This service primarily includes fresh coffee delivered weekly, and the right equipment. Moreover, V.C. is upping the ante with more than just coffee. We offer an assortment of quality teas, hot chocolate, water, and organic sweeteners. Anyone can buy coffee and equipment directly from and have it delivered... delivery is free to offices of participating companies.

Most businesses provide coffee and other drinks, which is great, but more often than not, their generosity is stifled due to marginal coffee. Many of us spend half of our waking hours at the office, and how great would it be if you didn't have to leave to find an impressive cup of coffee. People in the Portland-Metro area know and enjoy some of the best coffee in America, and a company can strengthen employee retention by embodying their commitment through a great cup of coffee. We are determined to change the breakroom status quo by bringing fresh, well-roasted specialty coffee to businesses, and enable employees to brew great cups of coffee themselves. 

Several months ago we made a great decision, to have Virality Coffee provide the coffee service for the office. Kate worked with us to learn our coffee preferences, and she keeps us well stocked with our favorites, and all the accessories and supplies. I really enjoy all their coffees, but I am sensitive to caffeine. Enter: “Placebo” decaf, now my favorite beans at home, and I brew an extra cup to bring with me. Thank you, Kate and Ryan at Virality Coffee!
— Kelly Hobson, Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce

Virality Coffee believes these elements are fundamental: 

ROAST genuine coffee locally, and cultivate appreciation for the love within the bean.

DELIVER locally, and value transparency in the supply chain back to the farm.

DELIGHT business customers, stoke employees, and enable patrons to take coffee home.

THRIVE on relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, and community. 

STRIVE for practical sustainability in our operations, and in your office.

Our Coffee:

Coffee always tastes best when it's fresh, which is why Virality Coffee roasts the right amount for our customers every week in small batches. We offer an assortment of different coffees from around the world that dynamically change with the seasonality of growing an agricultural crop. Quality is paramount within our business. We are committed to a relentless pursuit of roasting coffee in a fashion that best compliments the characteristics of the green coffee bean. Our roasting is crafted specifically for the equipment we sell with our ultimate goal being an awesome cup of coffee.

Our Equipment:

Together, we control the last leg of our coffee's journey... grinding and brewing. Virality Coffee has hand selected equipment for home and your office to carry forward the quality of our roasting. Every item we sell or lease must produce superb coffee, be well-made, and easy to use. 

Our Value:

Virality Coffee has combined coffee roasting, brewing equipment, and logistics to better serve local businesses and individuals anywhere. Our architecture enables companies to offer cafe-quality coffee in their breakroom, and anyone can purchase more to take home. We advocate coffee brewed through filters into carafes. For businesses, these serve 5-12 cups per, and can be made in 5-6 minutes. Compared to individual serving methods, this process significantly reduces the time and cost per serving while delivering a fresher, more delicious cup of coffee. 

We believe in building long-standing relationships, and we are committed to delivering an amazing product that is structured to meet your current and unforeseen needs. Explore the value of Virality Coffee further with a Complimentary Coffee Flight at your office.