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Every day many of us head to work, and are subjected to sub-par coffee.  Virality Coffee is determined to change the status quo by bringing fresh, well-roasted specialty coffee to businesses, and enable employees to brew great cups of coffee themselves.  Everyone will also have the ability to buy coffee and equipment directly from and have it delivered.


Office coffee updates from the friendly folks at Virality Coffee

Winning Wednesday, episode 1!

Leah Elliott

Hey coffee cats,

We're excited to try out our first ever VC social media raffle. We're raffling off a free (I SAID FREE!) bag of coffee to one lucky winner. For this first raffle, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself holding a sign with the hashtag #pickmeVC. For instance, in this one I'm like pick me I'm crazy for coffee! So crazy I'm barefoot in Central Oregon!


Post the pic on your social media platform of choice: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and make sure to caption the photo with the #pickmeVC hashtag as well. Get creative everyone- let's have some fun! The winner will be chosen Monday morning so get your entry in by Sunday night. Good luck!


Leah Elliott


Holy Moly it's November.


Not just November, but the THIRD WEEK in November. The department stores would have us believe it's Christmas next week, but we know better. There's still one more awesome holiday before that-- THANKSGIVING! Yeah! We're drooling just thinking about all the food we're going to eat. 

Are you headed to your family's house for the holiday? Maybe to a friend's house? It's so nice of them to cook for you, have you thought about bringing them a host gift? We can help if you want to bring something more unique than a bottle of wine. 

We've put together some outstanding autumnal gift bags. They include a 12 oz. bag of coffee (choose medium, medium-dark, or dark) and two festive Theo chocolate bars (either Nutcracker Brittle + dark chocolate orange or Gingerbread Spice + dark chocolate sea salt).

Order them quickly so you'll get them in time for Thanksgiving! They're totally affordable at $20. If you want to avoid shipping costs, and you live in or around Beaverton, head over to Murray's Coffee Bar (6115 SW Murray Blvd-- sign still reads Delightful Coffee from the previous owner). He's got them in stock as well. Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday!



Leah Elliott

We are beyond excited to introduce our latest single origin. As you may have guessed from the blog title, we're ready to launch Peru!

It's super smooth and a little sweet. It's tasting like buttery caramel and white peach. Our head coffee taster Ryan swears he's getting a hint of Cascadian hops but that might have more to do with his second favorite beverage of choice :)

Click on the Sustainable Harvest Tastify wheel for lots more detail:

This particular Peru is from the El Palto coop-- read more about them!

So pop on over to our coffee commerce page and grab a bag for yourself!


Meet Leah!

Leah Elliott

Oh hey there!

I'm Leah, the Director of Business Development. My relationship with coffee began pretty early. I feel like the first time I started drinking it was one of the major milestones of my life, like getting your driver's license or being able to cast your first vote.


I started flexing my coffee muscles at Coffee People in Beaverton at the Motor Moka drive-thru off Cedar Hills Blvd. I've always said that was the best job I ever had. There's such a positive energy around people that enjoy coffee. I'm not super touchy feely but I do get immense satisfaction giving people a cup of their favorite beverage to get them going on their day. 

I worked there through high school and then went to Oregon State for college. I got my Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering degree there and that's how I met my business partner Kate! I had all my classes with her husband, Ryan, so her and I go way back. 

I spent ten years working as an engineer then decided it was probably time to start a family. Kate had decided to do the same thing about 6 months ahead of me.  Her and I both have awesome little girls and we loved staying home and taking care of them but we felt like we had the capacity to do more. 

Kate approached me to help start the coffee business based on my love of all things process oriented. Give me a spreadsheet to work on and I'll geek out all day long. Her and I make a great team and we have tons of fun working together.

Meet Kate!

Leah Elliott


I'm Kate, owner of Virality Coffee. It's hard for me to pinpoint when I started my serious relationship with coffee, but it was far too late in life. Had I consumed coffee in college, I'm pretty sure I would have stayed up later, awoken clearer and probably been more prepared for early exams. Instead, I started my adventure in coffee consumption with lots of syrups, marginal espresso, all the while throwing heaps of to-go cups in the landfill.   

Slowly I started appreciating coffee more and more. Still not ready to settle down with just one coffee yet, I'd move from one coffee shop to another, building new relationships with my baristas, eventually to the point where even they knew I was pregnant before anyone else did (other than my husband Ryan, of course!) Ryan's love of the bean came even later than mine, but he is a huge part of Virality Coffee and has become an expert in all things coffee. He is especially good at discerning the particular notes of a coffee and can articulate them intelligently-- a skill which we rely on heavily! It wasn't until a work trip to Italy where he had his first espresso and coffee (there we are on that trip, just wee babes, in the photo below). Neither Ryan or I grew up with coffee in the household. To me now, that sounds totally ridiculous!

Another key individual of Virality Coffee is Leah. We met in college because her and Ryan had all their engineering classes together. We saw each other annually at a mutual friend's BBQ, and always hit it off. Leah and I are super similar in some areas and dead opposite in's a good blend we think.

Between the three of us we have plenty of years of terrible office coffee to help spur us on to the journey of bringing cafe quality coffee into the workplace. So to the suppliers of lesser quality coffee everywhere-- we thank you! We have tons of fun and are excited to stoke more and more employees with deliciously fresh office coffee. 

Iced, iced baby!

Leah Elliott


Does the thought of a hot cup of coffee on a 90+ degree day make you want to lay down and die? Don't worry, after some tinkering in the office we've come up with an awesome way to make iced coffee....INSTANTLY! 

iced coffee with bonavita copy.jpg


It's been awhile...

Leah Elliott

Ok so we allegedly fired this blog up over a year ago and we've been super busy actually getting the business up and running that the blog took a backseat. Like waaaaay back of the bus kind of backseat. But that's ok because that's where all the cool kids sit, right?

Things are going really well. People LOVE our coffee, which we couldn't be more excited about. We're in the process of selling our favorite roasts and constantly searching for new ones. Next on tap for your drinking pleasure will be a tasty little number from Peru. Don't believe me? I have photographic evidence. 


Coming soon will be a blog post about us, since we've yet to be formally introduced. Stay tuned!

Office coffee needs a vacation sometimes too!

Leah Elliott

office coffee delivered Timothy Lake

Hey coffee drinkers!

You know we primarily deliver coffee to offices to fuel employees right? 

Well that doesn't mean you can't take that same awesome coffee on the road! We also have FREE will call delivery of retail beans to your office if they are using our weekly service.

If your company hasn't jumped on the VC bandwagon yet, that's ok too. We have retail beans for sale on the website. 

Our favorite way to enjoy Virality Coffee on the road is with our trusty Aeropress. Makes a really clean, delicious cup of coffee and the best part is that it's super easy to clean! Win-win.

office coffee camping aeropress

Next vacation, grab your Virality Coffee and an Aeropress. You can thank us later ;)