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Every day many of us head to work, and are subjected to sub-par coffee.  Virality Coffee is determined to change the status quo by bringing fresh, well-roasted specialty coffee to businesses, and enable employees to brew great cups of coffee themselves.  Everyone will also have the ability to buy coffee and equipment directly from and have it delivered.


Q: Does fresh coffee really make a difference?
A: You be the judge. For our local business customers we'd love to brew a cup of our coffee side-by-side with whatever you're drinking today. Say the "word" by submitting a request for a Complimentary Coffee Flight.  

Q: Why weekly deliveries?
A: Similar to fresh food, coffee stales within two weeks from when it's roasted. During this transition deliciousness decreases while bitterness increases. Virality Coffee roasts and delivers the right amount of coffee every week. 

Q: Why whole bean?
A: Whole beans are like small time capsules containing deliciousness. A cup of coffee tastes best when the beans are ground just before brewing. Grinding unlocks miniature cavities of aroma and flavor within the bean, and one must act quickly to capture them in the brewing process. Pre-ground coffee becomes stale quickly, and is often why coffee tastes bitter and unremarkable. That's why Virality Coffee delivers fresh, whole bean coffee every week, and provides easy grinding solutions. 

Q: Satisfaction guarantee?
A: In the unlikely event of an unfavorable experience, let us know by getting in touch, and we'll make it right! Contact Us.

Q: Must you or your business have a grinder?
A: Nothing is absolute, but having a grinder is our bend because of the reasons above. Virality Coffee makes it easy to have a grinder at your company by including maintenance, cleaning, and training with the purchase or lease of equipment from us. Check out our Equipment options. 

Q: How to compost bags?
A: Our bags are truly compostable... even in backyard composters. Just remove the tin tie and vent before tossing it in.

Q: How do we compare with k-cups?
A: K-cups have their place, but coffee from Virality Coffee really shines in the breakroom. Simply stated: more delicious, more efficient, less waste, and costs much less. We are local, and that allows us to deliver coffee when it's really fresh, which makes it really delicious. V.C. makes it easy to grind and brew on-site, which maintains the freshness all the way to your cup. Making coffee for 10 people using our equipment takes about 5X less time than making 10 single servings with k-cups. There is a fraction of the waste with our conventional drip coffee, and it's all compostable. Lastly, it's LESS EXPENSIVE... some of our estimates come in at 1/3 the cost of k-cups.  

Q: Does Virality Coffee really care about the planet?
A: Absolutely. We are contemplative, practical, and open to how we can make less of a footprint together. Read more about our Sustainability efforts. 

Q: How should coffee be stored?
A: Coffee loves to absorb other flavors, so it's best to keep coffee away from things you don't want it to taste like. For example, don't stuff it in the freezer next to the bananas waiting to be made into bread, or under the sink next to the cleaning supplies. Rather, place your specialty coffee in a dark, dry and cool place using the bag that it came in.

Q: Does V.C. have a storefront? 
A: Not yet. We will after selling enough coffee. For now we are leasing commercial kitchen space in downtown Beaverton, and we will bring coffee to your business or ship it to your home.