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Every day many of us head to work, and are subjected to sub-par coffee.  Virality Coffee is determined to change the status quo by bringing fresh, well-roasted specialty coffee to businesses, and enable employees to brew great cups of coffee themselves.  Everyone will also have the ability to buy coffee and equipment directly from and have it delivered.


Virality Coffee certainly hasn't achieved carbon neutrality or LEED certification, but we want to be part of the solution. From square one, we are integrating a number of practical ideologies and products that will make a notable difference.


Virality Coffee is committed to serving our home base to our best ability. Local roasting, local deliveries, and local suppliers build our economy, and cultivates a top-shelf product. We believe in building long-standing relationships in all aspects of our business through integrity, and dedication to quality in the cup.

Green Coffee

Green coffee beans are grown on trees in equatorial regions, often in third-world countries. Often the exporter or local government obfuscates the fashion in which the coffee was grown and harvested, and how much the farmer earned for their crop. The journey of V.C.'s coffees is transparent back to the farm with the intent to make an equitable exchange of goods. This visibility is made possible through a "relationship coffee" model pioneered by Sustainable Harvest, a Portland-based green coffee importer. 


We roast coffee in small batches on a manual roaster that utilizes an electrostatic precipitation process to condition the exhaust. This technology negates the need for the traditional means using an afterburner (oxidizer), which typically uses 5 to 10 times the amount of natural gas as the roaster itself, and maintains clean air going into the atmosphere. Therefore, our coffee substantially less energy and leaves less of a footprint on its way to your cup. Here's a good article about the afterburning process, "Blowing Smoke", from our local Roast Magazine.

Reusable Cups

Virality Coffee offers a reusable cup program for our business customers to reduce the excessive use of paper. These cups have an indefinite number of uses, and are microwave and dishwasher safe. When the cups eventually meet their demise, they can be recycled at collection bin we provide for your breakroom. When the bin fills up, we'll send them back to the manufacturer to be remade into new cups. According to an internal assessment, just 4 uses breaks even on environmental impact compared to paper. 10 reuses results in 50% less impact. Read more...  

Compostable Bags

Virality Coffee has two main requirements for our bags: 1. Maintain freshness for at least 2-weeks and 2. Be truly biodegradable. Surprisingly, there aren't many options, and most bags use polymer or tin liners which don't breakdown well under any conditions. After a lot of digging, TekPak Solutions emerged as one of our only viable solutions with their Omnidegradable® films. All you need to do is remove the tin tie and vent before tossing into your backyard composter or municipal composting bins. 

Efficient Processes

Drip brewing is nothing new to coffee, although modern pulse routines and intelligent shower heads closely replicate a manual pour-over process, which makes for an amazing carafe of coffee. This tried and true method of making coffee is efficient for serving a large audience, and it produces minimal waste. The key is freshly roasted coffee that is ground just before brewing. This comparison is especially true when considering individual serving processes, like k-cups. 

Organic Goods

Many of our coffees are grown organically and/or traded fairly or directly, but our roasting process is not certified organic, so we can't advertise the product as such. We do offer organic syrups, sweeteners, and teas to our breakroom customers.